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I will summarize the meeting of November 10, 2000 with LCI at the home of Lion Harry Fulwiler in Manassas, Virginia. LCI was represented by Gary La Petina, Ralph Mosner and sitting Director William Allen Broughton. Dave Harris, Bill Prucha, Bill Smith and Bob Libin were the attendees from the LITPC.

1. It was agreed by all parties that the markings on the back of pins is required by all trading pin licensees and that all authorized pins be clearly marked.

2. All pins traded in the pin trading section of the International Convention would be only authorized pins and that signage would be displayed stating this policy.

3.The LCI web page would be updated on a regular basis indicating the current list of pin manufacturing licensees.

4. There was a lot of discussion about the selling of trading pins other than at the International Convention. It was agreed this would be an item on the agenda at the Spring 2001 LCI Board Meeting with a recommendation that a certain period of time be considered in order for a pin to be sold and change the current policy. The Board at the spring meeting changed the policy to be three years from the date of the pin and it would be treated as any other collectible item sold on the open market.

5. The selling of pins or the giving away of samples or overruns by licensees was actually a violation of all the licensees agreements and that a letter from LCI would be sent reminding them of this agreement.

6. The pin trading license agreement requires that two samples of all pins manufactured must be provided to LCI for review of quality and adherence to the manufacturing agreement. It was agreed that these samples be destroyed when no longer needed and not distributed to any Lion or organization.

7. We asked for LCI to submit articles for the LITPC quarterly newsletter and also we would like to have articles or our membership application in The Lion twice a year. This was confirmed after the meeting.

8. There was a short discussion about LCI proving a link to the LITPC site. There was an agreement to link to the club supply web page. It was suggested that LITPC look into the possibility of linking to the "LionNet" section of the association web site.

9. It was confirmed the LCI Staff would only communicate with the President of LITPC or the documented authorized appointee.

10. A short discussion was held about Lions selling new pins outside their own multiple district and this confirmed in a later memo that it is against the policy of LCI to sell these pins outside their own multiple district.

11. Lastly, it was very clear LCI was concerned with the misuse of the Association trademarks and requested our support of this policy. We agreed not to be the Police but we would run an article in our newsletter twice a year concerning the misuse of the trademark. The LITPC also agreed to add a statement in our membership application stating we would not tolerate any member using illegal sources.

The minutes and documentation of this meeting have been forwarded to the current Director of Club Supplies and LCI Legal division for their information involving this very important meeting. I am grateful to the Members of the LITPC Board for their support and I believe this meeting is one of the many noteworthy displays of improving our relations with LCI. Also,another big hug to Harry Fulwiler for hosting this meeting.

Dave Harris, PP LITPC, 1999-2001

Date: November 26, 2010
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