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Following is the LITPC 2007 Presentation which was presented at the Lions International Convention in Chicago. IL. As one can see there are three files. One is an Adobe Acrobat or pdf file and you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader software to review this file. Adobe Acrobat Reader is available at no cost. Click on the underlined Adobe Acrobat Reader words and the link will take you to the download page. Once at this page follow the instructions. The other two files can be opened with Microsoft Word software.

If you would like a CD with the LITPC Instructions on how to use the LITPC PowerPoint Presentation with Audio, The LITPC PowerPoint without Audio, The LITPC Adobe Acrobat Presentation and the LITPC Presentation Notes; email the web master and a copy of the five files will be mailed to you.

  1. Word IconLITPC Instructions Text Document (file size 4 KB)

  2. Acobe AcrobatLITPC Adobe Acrobat Presentation (file size 13 MB)

  3. Word IconLITPC Presentation notes (file size 52 KB)

Date:June 21, 2013
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